Who I Work With

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Is this you?

About my clients: I work with people who are actively pursuing change in their work environment. These may be:

  • ¬†individual leaders and executives who are working to engage their teams to move towards a future vision.
  • Individual leaders and executives who are on a path to excellence and would like support in getting there
  • Organisations who are undergoing change and wish to have support in engaging their employees in making a future vision come alive
  • Individual professionals who are working towards a change in their career or life.
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Case studies

As an experienced and professional facilitator here are some examples of my work:

  • Jump starting a change program within a division of a major US international corporation by facilitating a creative workshop and following up with one to one coaching for all participants.
  • Facilitating leadership programs with a number of international organisations using creative techniques
  • Working to create harmony and vision in teams and in particular diverse teams using creative techniques.
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My Ideal Client

  • You are already successful and want to move to higher levels of competence
  • You like to try new things and have fun learning
  • You are focused on being the best you can, for yourself, for your team, for your employers, for your family
  • You value new perspectives and being challenged
  • You are ready to create your future and work towards implementing that change
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Now that you know the kind of clients I work with, and the type of cases we work with, take a look at how I work