How I work

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How I work

Firstly I believe in working with my clients collaboratively, that is to say that the work we do is about you and we co-create the process

I believe in being flexible and responsive to your needs, although I will recommend approaches and processes based upon my experience.

Above all I believe in working professionally.

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Guiding Values and Beliefs

The values that I bring to my work:

  • Openness
  • Honesty
  • Fairness and equality
  • Non-judgemental acceptance
  • Learning can be fun
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My Uniqueness

There are many facilitators and coaches who are working extremely well, however what makes my work unique is that as an expert in creativity, I use creative tools to support you. These tools enable you to think differently, to step outside your experience and see other possibilities.

My background demonstrates that I have experienced change throughout my life. I have worked in a variety of industry including manufacturing and have changed roles from being a Human Resource Manager, a Facilities Manager to Senior Lecturer in Higher Education and Development Manager. 20 years ago I moved from a full time job in one country to self employed in a new country. This was a substantial change from which I have learned personally.