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Coaching and Facilitation for creativity

Creativity is perhaps the most important competence in the 21st century for organisations, teams and leaders. Everyone can be creative and my belief is that with some good tools, amazing acts of creativity can happen.

Leadership Coaching

Coaching has shown to be a very effective method of supporting the professional development of leaders.


Facilitating groups of people and teams through a variety of processes towards their goals

Strengths Coaching

Coming from the Positive Psychology domain, strengths coaching is proving to be highly effective in supporting people on their journey to change. By focusing on how their strengths can be leveraged rather than how they need to overcome weaknesses, clients become energized and empowered to move forward.

Barbara's support as a career coach has been a very valuable experience. She gives guidance and food for thought in a very professional and sensitive manner, helping to identify strenghts and weaknesses, handling energy better, keeping an eye on the bigger picture and gaining a better understanding of the undercurrents in a team environment. I'm happy to recommend Barbara's services to other individuals, who wish to enhance their personal & professional development in their careers."